What we do:

Great Works Consulting serves small, medium and large business; municipal, provincial and federal government agencies; and private corporations.

We will guide your organization towards creating a work environment that is imaginative, productive and team oriented. Everyone is working to achieve common and realistic goals.

We will help managers identify the problems that are interfering with a successful workplace and facilitate processes to resolve your problems.

At the end of the day, we want your organization to function more effectively. We want to ensure front-line employees are engaged and we want to help supervisors and managers become strong leaders.


  • Difficult or contentious meetings or discussions
  • Large or diverse groups trying to reach a decision
  • Processes to build consensus
  • Interest-based bargaining and contract negotiations
  • Training programs for supervisory and employee workgroups


Conflict Resolution

  • One-on-one
  • Internal team issues
  • Union/management relations
  • Developing policies and processes to create a respectful workplace
  • Intake or screening to determine if workplace harassment has occurred
  • Formal harassment investigations

Organizational Diagnosis

  • Workplace questionnaires to analyze potential problems
  • Reviewing your organization's history, structure and processes
  • Meeting with individual employees and managers to determine what's working and what's not working
  • Creating a framework to make necessary changes while utilizing a collaborative approach
  • Strategic planning


Leadership Development

  • Leadership development at all levels of the organization
  • Individual and team leadership assessments
  • Building personal leadership development plans
  • Building a strong management team
  • Building confidence in supervisors and managers to tackle the tough issues with staff
  • Succession planning – helping your organization develop a plan for systematically transferring knowledge to new leaders
  • Individual coaching